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Welcome to the Oldham Model Aero Club home page. We hope you will find this of interest - our club has a long and proud history in flying model aircraft that goes back to just after WWII. Indeed one of our founder members is still an active flyer and we pride ourselves on being a very friendly lot. Like most model aircraft flyers we indulge in plenty of banter on the flight line but we also seek to help anyone who is new to this sport/hobby or even those who have many years experience. We know that learning about this sport/hobby can be daunting and we are here to help!


Flying model aircraft is not the anti-social pastime that is so often reported and sensationalised in UK media due to a very few reckless individuals flying ‘drones’ in restricted airspace, in fact it requires skill, concentration and a very responsible attitude which we encourage in all our members. Our club has been recognised for this by the British Model Flying Association (the BMFA) and was awarded the 2016 Roger Bedford Memorial Trophy for our work with the local Air Training Cadets.


If you are interested in learning to fly remote control model aircraft, helicopters or multi-rotors (sometimes inappropriately called ‘drones’) there has never been a better time: the technology available these days is affordable, easy to use and ultra-reliable. There are also a wide variety of model kits of all types to choose from so feel free to contact us to find out more if you are not too sure. We can advise on which models to buy, where to buy them and all the other stuff you may need as you progress into this exciting hobby/sport - so do come to us first before spending your hard earned cash!


We can teach you to fly safely & easily; we have seven club instructors and six special trainers ranging from basic to advanced or if you are already proficient we can offer a choice of three very accessible flying fields to suit your needs - all within just a few miles of the centre of Oldham. Pictures of our trainer models and our flying fields can be viewed in the Gallery section of this site along with a selection of our members’ models.


Our club is affiliated to the BMFA and all our members are enrolled in that organisation to take advantage of the very good value 3rd party insurance they offer. We also offer a club membership discount to members who have achieved an ‘A certificate’ in any discipline through the BMFA’s Achievement Scheme.


I look forward to seeing you on the flight line.

Jon Laughton


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