Welcome to the online home of Oldham Model Aero Club (OMAC), a BMFA affiliated model flying club. We are a friendly club consisting currently of over 50 members, most whom fly on a regular basis. We welcome flyers from all disciplines and with all levels of experience. Oldham Model Aero Club has a rich history dating back to just after WW2, and we still welcome one of our clubs founder members as a regular flyer!


Technology within the hobby has obviously changed a lot during the clubs existence, more so within the last few years. As a club, our members have adopted much of this new technology. Down on the flight line you will see model aircraft powered by either glow engines or LiPo batteries. But that is not all that you will see! Our members actively fly glow and electric powered helicopters and many now fly multi-rotors (commonly referred to as drones). Some of our members even fly some of their multi-rotor and fixed wing aircraft in a FPV (First Person View) set up, where the image is transmitted live from the front of the aircraft to video goggles which they wear!


If you are new to the hobby, or interested in joining the hobby, please contact us. With the array of different models you see in model shops and on internet retailers websites, its easy to become confused about what model is the best for you to enter the hobby with. We can advise you on the best models for entry level flyers and we will help to ensure you become a safe and competent flyer. We will gladly and freely offer you the best advice and tuition to enable you to enjoy the hobby as much as we do.


Joining a club is not just about flying with, and talking to other like minded people, it has other benefits too. Aside from learning to fly safely and competently, as we are affiliated to the BMFA, we ensure that all of our members are enrolled with them. This in itself brings many benefits, including being covered by their very good value 3rd party insurance.


As there is a lot of negative press around our hobby due to the misuse of multi-rotors, our club is actively working towards positively raising the image of the hobby. As such, our club has just been awarded the 2016 Roger Bedford Memorial Trophy by the BMFA for our work with the local 2200 Oldham Squadron Air Training Corps.


As a member of our club, you will have access to all three of our flying fields. Fixed wing, Helicopters and Multi-rotors at Greenhills and Beale Valley, and Gliders at Nont Sarahs near Marsden Moor. These are open year round during daylight hours. You will also be able to have access to our fleet of six fixed wing trainer and advanced models and can be assisted by any one of our seven club instructors. Should you also be interested in FPV flying, our members will gladly advise you on the best setup for your model, and they will also advise and assist you in getting to grips flying FPV and relevant legislation to ensure that you remain a safe flyer.


Our membership is very competitive, especially considering the facilities on offer. We also offer a discount for holders of the BMFA 'A' certificate and for junior members.


I look forward to seeing you on the flight line.

Gareth Rees


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