The club was originally formed in 1945 by three 18/19 year olds, one of whom, Len Gabriels is still a member in 2014. In the beginning the models being built and flown were mainly rubber powered towline gliders and the occasional control-line model At that time, just after WWII a six foot (1.82m) wing span model was considered to be very large and glow engines were a real rarity as was a local source of balsa wood for building! The few model shops that existed then were usually run by a modeller as a sideline in an existing retail business such as newsagents or bicycle shop. One such in Oldham, at Rhodes Bank, was a radio components shop run by a Henry Gilbert; with Henry there was no chit-chat when buying something it was very much a case of ‘take it or leave it’!

The club’s very first (un)official flying site was at Bell Fields, but then due to the building of a new school in that location the club moved to Breeze Hill fields near Lees. Some time later that site was also selected for the building of another new school and the club almost foundered as membership dropped to about half a dozen model aviators. In 1957 ‘Peacoats’ became the new club flying field - located in Beale Valley behind the old Seddon Atkinson factory this was to remain the home of the club for many years until in the very late nineties, the local authority decided that this would be the location of a new golf course….

As a result the club flying field moved to Snipe Clough before moving once again (due to conservation concerns) to the current powered model flying field at Greenhills in Alexandra Park - left. (Note - This flying field, which is in a very public place, is made available courtesy of the local authority and therefore it is necessary to ensure that the club’s activities do not cause harm or distress to other visitors or local residents.)

The club also has a dedicated flying site for slope soaring/gliders at Nont Sarah’s in Saddleworth.

Since its’ formation, the club has had a number of notable achievements including: British Indoor Duration Record, Representing NW England, Winning the BARCS National Cross Country to name but a few.

The club has over twenty members engaged in flying remote control fixed wing models, model helicopters, gliders & indoor models of all sorts and sizes. These models are both electric and IC powered. By the end of 2014 the club is looking forward to moving back to Peacotes / Beale Valley to a purpose made 80m x 40m flying field that is currently in the final stages of preparation.

The club is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association, the BMFA (see www.bmfa.org) and all club members are automatically enrolled in the BMFA unless they stipulate otherwise



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